Yamaha FZ-X review -Yamaha’s 1st Neo-Retro scrambler offering for India

Yamaha FZ-X review -Yamaha’s 1st Neo-Retro scrambler offering for India

October 17, 2021 2 By The Editor


Its been a good forty days since we got an opportunity to ride the Yamaha FZ-X 150cc motorcycle. The typical standard operating procedure is:

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  • Get the motorcycle from the manufacture
  • Ride out to a scenic location
  • On the way pop some “air” or splash some dirt
  • Capture some great video or Photos
  • Comeback write and post the review almost immediately


Premise for the SUIT Review – Yamaha FZ-X recall Value?

But then again, while we were putting the content together I came across the “word” that said there isn’t much to write home about the Yamaha FZ-X. Hence, I figured let’s do something off-beat and see how much is memory retaining and how much recall value this creates. Given that October kick starts the months of festivities, what better time to talk about these fine machines?

The S.U.I.T Review – Yamaha FZ-X is it suitable?

The suit review is a new format which is relevant to most motorcycles. So, before we delve in to the motorcycle let us understand the term, S.U.I.T:

  • Soft roading – off-road application, be it trails that meander off the tarmac into the grasslands or those off-road expedition routes. In rare cases a ride into the mountain passes.
  • Uth Quotient – Social commute is a little different. This is not limited to pillion application or for that matter daily commute for work. It is more about traveling to “connect” and for leisure.
  • Intracity Travel – Within city maneuverability. Be it a novice or an expert motorcyclist both of them can associate with the perils of rush hour traffic.
  • Touring/ Highway travel with luggage use – Almost any motorcycle can make it through the by-lanes and even slice through traffic. Slicing through the windblasts, some make it through some are shaken through.


Yamaha FZ-X first impressions – Design

A first impression is a lasting impression. Even today the Yamaha RX100 & Yamaha RD 350 are well remembered and revered. This is a style statement made well before that machismo or definitely male generations came to be. Yamaha without a doubt pays attention to detail. Here too, they have retained aspects of the current generation Yamaha FZ series. The retro-style headlamp coupled with a futuristic DRL system is hard to forget the Bold and no frills styling is evident from fender to fender.

mototech urbane gloves

Ribbed and well-cushioned seat with optimal ergonomic seating on the Yamaha FZ-X is a plus. Not much to write home on the switchgear speaks volumes about its compact design and peace of mind operation. So also, the Heads up display is neat clean and during most part of the day. The well-sculpted fuel tank is a looker no doubt but misses out in the ergonomics department. The tyres do not give the scrambler feel, they add to the design elements too. However, more on that later.


Yamaha FZ-X first impressions – Performance

Yamaha throughout its generations has delivered ground breaking and revolutionary engines. The list of legendary machines is too long to mention. Needless to say that “The Doctor” rides a Yamaha. In the recent past Yamaha’s 3rd iteration of the R15 is no doubt a trendsetter. The 5 speed gear box is easy to slide through be it city traffic or open straights. All the more fun when you take the motorcycle offroad. THE Yamaha FZ-X offers adequate power for urban commute and is a good option for short Sunday breakfast rides.


Yamaha FZ-X first impressions – Handling & Comfort

The Yamaha FZ-X stands about 160mm over the ground and weighs just a kilo short of the 140 mark. Thus, a bulky looking light weight motorcycle. The wheelbase  allows for control both, on road and off of it. The suspension on stock setting adequately absorbs the vibrations. For pillions the rear setting can do with adjustments.

The rear foot pegs lack the grip and vote of confidence from the pillion. Indeed the ergonomics of most motorcycles are rider centric. However, for an urban commute vehicle pillion comfort needs to be considered. This section is not complete without the mention of tyres


Yamaha FZ-X owner – first impressions & testimonial

Atanu Samanta

I am Atanu Samanta from Kolkata. I currently own a white BS3 Mojo. I needed a vehicle for local and city usage. The existing 125cc bike made an exit due to scarcity of parts and age. I wanted a retro styled motorcycle with modern technology and thus I purchased the Yamaha FZ-X . Since the city speed in Kolkata is limited to a  maximum 60kmph, I needed a low powered vehicle with modern features. Here the Yamaha FZ-X fits the bill perfectly. So far, the machine is smooth and comfortable.

Yamaha FZ X Matte Black

The S.U.I.T Meter score – Yamaha FZ-X

The Yamaha FZ-X handles well on any terrain without a doubt. For urban usage it can do with a bit of adjustments to suit rider and pillion comfort.

  • Soft roading – The motorcycle is awesome and blends in well on off-roads. I takes on trails with as mush finesse that it meanders on the tarmac.
  • Uth Quotient – Social commute is a little different. This is not limited to pillion application or for that matter daily commute for work. It is more about traveling to “connect” and for leisure.
  • Intracity Travel – A peppy engine and a seamless clutch make it ambient for city maneuverability. Whether it is your first motorcycle or your secondary/ daily commute motorcycle it is a good option for that extra fun bike.
  • Touring/ Highway travel with luggage use – While we didn’t really get an opportunity to try it on highways, we did test its luggage carrying capabilities. With certain luggage systems it can adapts. For the rest one would need to consider aftermarket accessories like saddle stays and top racks.

invictus touring gears with Yamaha fzx

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