Honda CBR 250 – Akshada Shinde

March 9, 2019 0 By The Editor

I am

Akshada Shinde, working as HR Executive at ILOSUNG Pvt Ltd. I am from Wai and live in Pune.


My association with riding began when ..

I started my motorcycling journey from 9th standard. I always ask to my uncle for a ride because I loved to ride. During my college days I met my friend who is a motorcyclist and he taught me how to ride on his Honda CBR 250. Then we took it to the next level by visiting to Lavasa practice cornering on the CBR. We are not affiliated to any group however we have learnt the guidelines of biking and group riding signs  from fellow riders and from the internet. I like to ride on curvy roads more than straight roads like highway and cities.

My previous rides were

A TVS Apache RTR 160


My options were

Yamaha R15
Kawasaki Z250
Tvs Apache 200/310
Honda Hornet

I chose my current bike because

I decided to purchase CBR 250 because it’s comfortable and the stability is best. Sitting position and look is also good. Handling is also best.

I prefer Honda because they are proving good quality. About cost of maintenance it’s little higher than others. There were many options for me to buy a good bike but I  preferred Honda and specially CBR because of its stability.

CBR has good quality engine and other spare parts, good in look, sitting position is also comfortable for long rides and in city traffic too. Recently they launched the CBR 250R in fresh colours. Colour combination is like the Honda Hornet.

The number of kilometres clocked so far

The odometer unfortunately malfunctioned, however since it’s purchase in December 2018, I traveled around 2000 kilometres.

My most memorable ride was

It all began with sudden plan from Pune to Ganapatipule. That took an extension to Malvan through Goa after which we head to Solapur and back to Pune.

Both of us took turns riding alternately with all safety guards and travelling a rucksack. This short trip was my first and most memorable ride till date.

I would recommend that girls/ ladies check the following do’s and don’ts before they buy a pre-owned vehicle.


* First focus on engine
* You should check Tyres, disc pads, disc plate.etc all breaking
* Should check suspension
* Look
* Price should be worth to buy


* First don’t focus on price Vs after purchase costs because you are getting bike for a lesser price.
* Don’t blindly the seller or any mechanic
* Do not for just external looks ( look, body, modification ) they can be deceiving
* Don’t go with fancy number plate, use RTO approved ones only.