Yamaha MT 15 V2 1st Ride review – an Absolute 150cc Slayer?

Yamaha MT 15 V2 1st Ride review – an Absolute 150cc Slayer?

July 18, 2022 3 By The Editor

 Yamaha MT 15 V2 – 1st Ride review

The Yamaha MT 15 V2 is 2022 iteration of the 2019 launched and Yamaha R 15 V3 derived engine. Being compliant to the BS6 norms it does loose a bhp or too. Does that mean a downer on the “feel of raw power” or is that just numbers on a  statistical scale. Standing out from the crowd and yet blending in with its surroundings is what draws us towards the younger sibling of the MT series from the house of Yamaha.


Introduction – The Yamaha MT 15 V2

The Yamaha MT 15 V2 with factory-fitted touring accessories

  • The new MT-15 Version 2.0 features an inverted front fork with 37mm inner tubes, wherein the lower
    end (un-sprung) is light, and the upper end (sprung) has thick outer tubes bolted to the chassis for higher
    rigidity. The box-section swingarm is also replaced with a MotoGP inspired Aluminum swingarm. This
    makes for improved stability in corners and under hard braking, pushing the boundaries of agility by
    enhancing the rider control. The MT-15 Version 2.0 weighs just 139kgs and features Yamaha’s patented
    Delta Box frame, that gives it the edge in terms of handling capabilities.


  • The MT-15 Version 2.0 is powered by a liquid-cooled, 4-stroke, SOHC, 4-valve, 155cc fuel-injected engine
    with Variable Valve Actuation (VVA) system. The MT-15 Version 2.0 also features a slick shifting 6-speed
    gearbox that is mated with an Assist and Slip clutch for lighter actuation. The MT-15 Version 2.0 produces
    18.4PS of peak power at 10,000rpm, with peak torque output of 14.1Nm at 7,500rpm.


  • In terms of electronics, the MT-15 Version 2.0 features a newly designed, fully digital LCD cluster that
    displays a customizable animated text (When ignition is turned on), along with a Gear Shift, Gear Position
    and VVA indicator. The LCD cluster also displays Call, E-mail and SMS Alerts along with Smartphone
    battery status available through the Bluetooth Enabled Y-Connect App. The App also offers information
    related to Maintenance Recommendations, Parking Location, Fuel Consumption, Malfunctions, Revs
    Dashboard and Ranking on the Smartphone.


The Yamaha MT 15 V2 – Specifications


  • Engine type  – Liquid cooled, 4-stroke, SOHC, 4-valve
  • Displacement – 155cc
  • Bore & Stroke – 58.0 mm x 58.7 mm
  • Compression ratio – 11.6 : 1
  • Maximum Horse Power – 13.5kW(18.4PS)/10000r/min
  • Maximum torque – 14.1N.m(1.4kgf.m)/7500r/min
  • Clutch Type – Wet, Multiple Disc
  • Fuel system – Fuel Injection
  • Transmission type – Constant mesh, 6-speed
  • Starting system type – Electric starter


  • Overall length – 2015mm
  • Overall width – 800mm
  • Overall height – 1,070mm
  • Minimum ground clearance – 170mm
  • Kerb weight (with oil and a full fuel tank) – 139kg
  • Seat height – 810mm
  • Wheelbase – 1,325mm
  • Inner tube diameter of front fork – 37.0mm
  • Fuel tank capacity – 10L



  • Frame type – Deltabox
  • Brake type (Front) Disc Brake (282mm)
  • Brake type (Rear) Disc Brake (220mm)
  • Suspension type (front/rear) Telescopic upside down Front Fork / Linked-type Monocross suspension
  • Tyre size (Front) 100/80-17M/C 52P – Tubeless
  • Tyre size (Rear) 140/70R-17M/C 66H – Radial Tubeless
  • ABS – Single Channel ABS


Yamaha MT 15 V2: Ride informed with the Y-CONNECT APP

  • Fuel Consumption Tracker – This feature helps you track your daily and monthly fuel consumption
  • Maintenance Recommendations – This app consolidates and analyses the bike data and sends you recommendations. For example, it keeps tabs on battery status and indicates either with a “Good” or “Check” notification.
  • Last Parking Location – The last parking feature of the app gives you information about where you last parked your bike*.
    *If the machine has been moved since it was parked, it cannot be tracked via this function.
  • Malfunction Notification – Should the machine suffer a breakdown or malfunction, the app indicates so on the smartphone. It can also be verified on the phone as part of the bike’s records.
  • Revs Dashboard – The smartphone screen can also function as the Revs Dashboard, that displays data that is not available on the bike’s instrument cluster, such as Engine RPM, Degree Of Throttle Opening, Rate Of Acceleration,
  • Eco-friendly Riding Indicator and Real-time Fuel Consumption.
    Ranking – This app connects with other Yamaha riders app and maintains a ranking of the riders in terms of distance travelled and how eco-friendly their riding has been.
Here is a Demo Video depicting how the Y-CONNECT APP works for you

Yamaha MT 15 V2 – Design

The Yamaha MT 15 V2 stands out in every colour. If you, haven’t picked a colour you’ll spend more time in selection than in negotiation. The well chiseled out design is minimalistic yet desirable. In any paint scheme and decals, the motorcycle is anything but tacky. In short, picking a favourite other than the good old metallic black would be an act of partiality. So if technology allowed, I’d like to rotate the colours every other time.

The headlight is indeed a stunner, however nothing much to write home beyond its city use. Interestingly the rear view mirrors are a surprise. Offering a wide angle like view on a compact motorcycle is least expected. This is indeed a boon; city roads, close by-lanes, highways literally everywhere!


Yamaha MT 15 V2 – Ride and Handling:

While we didn’t get to spend time with the first generation, suffice to say the USD forks here ensure a smooth ride not just an imposing stance. Speaking of which the rear swingarm and seat cushion carry home that first impression to make it a lasting one. However, the forward biased seating and short seating area can be an issue for extended long rides, for both rider and pillion. For average built riders, the overall ergonomics motorcycle is good.

The front only ABS works well, however a dual channel ABS can break the ice with the added safety offered over a single channel. Wrapping up this section, the stock MRF tyres make for a decent all-rounder, yes we wish they offered the Masseter series from the MRF house for better riding dynamics


Yamaha MT 15 V2 – Engine and Gearbox:

Till date this is the most agile 150cc motorcycle I have met with till date. Giving out about 18 bhp and 6 gears to drive that power on a street fighter is an excellent place for a beginner. The Yamaha MT 15 V2 smooth engine is confidence inspiring and is the ideal motorcycle to hone your riding skills. Be it, on track or off of it. Being nostalgic here, during the speed run on the 2018 Yamaha R15 V3, I wished for all the power on a street motorcycle and that indeed is a wish come true.

The Assist and Slipper clutch reduces the downshifting buzz and lets the bike drift through traffic effortlessly. Aiding this power game is the VVA that kicks in north of 7000pm. Thus, allowing you to max out the motorcycle even in lower gears without flinching. The exhaust note does not offer any bass or grunt. Just a bit of slice and dice, stealth warrior style.


Yamaha MT 15 V2: the “Gorr” of its segment?

Interestingly the Yamaha MT 15 V2 has a wide arena of competition. While the list can be virtually endless here are the few pointers:

  • Price bracket – indeed in this price range there are motorcycles in the 250cc category
  • Features – for its form factor the motorcycle is quite feature packed
  • Handling – A 150cc motorcycle that handles as good as a 200+ cc in city traffic who wouldn’t want that?
  • Power – A 150cc motorcycle that has power figures as good as some 200cc motorcycles. Also, some technology that allows to come as close to above the competition.
  • Dimensions – Be it the weight, the seat height or for that matter the compact form factor makes one of the Best Bikes For Women in India, not just learners.


The S.U.I.T Review – Yamaha MT 15 V2 is it suitable?

The suit review is a new format which is relevant to most motorcycles.

So, before we delve in to the motorcycle let us understand the term – S.U.I.T:

  • Soft roading – off-road application, be it trails that meander off the tarmac into the grasslands or those off-road expedition routes. In rare cases a ride into the mountain passes.
  • Uth Quotient – Social commute is a little different. This is not limited to pillion application or for that matter daily commute for work. It is more about traveling to “connect” and for leisure.
  • Intracity Travel – Within city maneuverability. Be it a novice or an expert motorcyclist both of them can associate with the perils of rush hour traffic.
  • Touring/ Highway travel with luggage use – Almost any motorcycle can make it through the by-lanes and even slice through traffic. Slicing through the windblast, some make it through some are shaken through.

Yamaha MT 15 V2

Yamaha MT 15 V2 – The S.U.I.T Review

  • Soft roading – Pocket Rockets beware! The Yamaha’s vibrant colour scheme definitely strikes a chord with the young at heart. Age is just a number so is BHP. The stock MRF tyres can take on most of what you throw at it. Put that throttle to the test and your will be surprised, pleasantly!
  • Uth Quotient –  The Yamaha MT 15 V2’s distinct styling and R15 derived power gives the rider all he needs to meander through those college days, dates and Saturday evening socials. If only some of use could go back in time…
  • Intracity Travel – The race derived ride triangle has its limitations, specially if you are north of 5″8 in height. Otherwise be it the suspension or cushion it is rather comfortable for an entry level streetfighter motorcycle. For short runs it should be good for the pillion too.
  • Touring/ Highway travel with luggage use – We haven’t really delved into this realm, however the motorcycle could take on luggage for a short weekend trip or light luggage with aftermarket accessories.

Yamaha MT 15 V2 – The Monster Edition



Yamaha MT 15 V2 & The Ride experience 

  • Agility – While this should be accounted for in the “handling” header, a special mention here for the Yamaha MT15. We are aware that there are motorcycles that can stop on a dime. This is one of the rare that can turn on a time. The compact form factor and power driving the bike make urban travel quick n efficient.
  • No, we won’t confuse you will the tall and short of gearing because after all, we aren’t tailors here. The motorcycle goes from standstill in 3rd gear effortlessly.
  • Driving this smooth transmission is an even slicker engine. Yes, BS6 it is hard to believe with all that power coming out.
  • Comfort – Overall comfort can be better, with slightly raised handle bars, softer suspension and a longer pillion seat. Adding to the comfort are those rear view mirrors, compact motorcycle with a wide angle view.
  • The headlights are just about ok for urban travel and for those who stop just after sunset, it is apt.
  • The current stock setup allows for some room for light luggage, but again we are buying a urban commute motorcycle not a cruiser or tourer, are we? Yes, we did search and found aftermarket “add-ons”.


To visit the Yamaha MT 15 V2 E-showroom click here:


Additional content –

Quick Walkaround of the Yamaha MT 15 V2

Yamaha Blue Square – The Spirit Automotive

S.no, 15, Part C, Cts No. 14e, Pune Mumbai Road

Wakdewadi, Shivaji Nagar, Pune, Mh – 411005

Click here for Driving Directions

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About Yamaha Motor India group of companies:

Yamaha Motor made its initial foray into India in 1985 as a joint venture. In August 2001, it became a 100% subsidiary of Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd, Japan (YMC). In 2008, Mitsui & Co., Ltd. entered into an agreement with YMC to become a joint investor in India Yamaha Motor Private Limited (IYM). IYM’s manufacturing facilities comprise State-of-the-art plants at Surajpur (Uttar Pradesh) and Kanchipuram (Tamil Nadu). The infrastructure at these plants supports the production of motorcycles and parts for the domestic as well as overseas markets.

YMC has established its subsidiaries –

  • Yamaha Motor Research and Development India Pvt Ltd. (YMRI),
  • Yamaha Motor India Sales Pvt Ltd. (YMIS) and
  • Yamaha Motor India Pvt Ltd. (YMI)

in India to independently support IYM in the development, sales & marketing of its products and overall business planning & regional control respectively.

Presently, its product portfolio includes:

  • YZF-R15 version 3.0 (155 cc) with ABS
  • MT-15 (155 cc) with ABS

Blue-Core Technology-enabled models such as:

  • FZ 25 (249 cc) with ABS
  • FZ S 25 (249 cc) with ABS
  • FZ-S FI (Fuel-Injected, 149 cc) with ABS
  • FZ FI (Fuel-Injected, 149 cc) with ABS

UBS enabled scooters like:

  • Fascino 125 FI
  • Ray ZR 125 FI and
  • Street Rally 125 FI


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