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April 19, 2018 0

Yamaha FZ 25 wins India Design Mark (I Mark) Awards 2018

By The Editor

In 2008, Yamaha had introduced FZ series in India which has got an overwhelming response from Indian customers. By 2017, while over 1 million proud owners of FZ series were waiting for up gradation, the all new FZ 25 was launched to strengthen & expand FZ brand in India. With a newly designed air-cooled, 249 cc, high torque, fuel-injected engine on a lightweight frame enabling the joy of control as the rider intends, FZ 25 came to existence in India as a “Powerful, mid-class, street fighter”. Not only is it an affordable offering in the higher displacement, premium 250 cc segment with the macho styling inherent to the FZ brand, it also adds further emphasis on the aesthetics due to its design. The FZ 25 is a light weight machine weighing 148 kg combined with its class-leading torque delivery and powerful exhaust note that comes with a twist of the wrist. The excellent fuel efficiency from the Blue Core engine means fewer stops for petrol and more time spent in the saddle, giving its owner the best of both worlds with less stress on their wallet. It has the ride comfort and power on tap to make it an excellent tool in the city, while it also has the handling and speed to make it an enjoyable weekend ride for touring trips with friends. The bike’s standout, muscular, and modern street presence combined with this stimulating riding experience not only charms the rider, but serve as a form of visual and aural self-expression that turns heads as the FZ 25 goes by.

April 5, 2018 0

Yamaha Motor India’s “5R” runs at 1100 KW, plans to increase it to 3500 KW …

By The Editor

Mr. Sanjiv Paul, Senior Vice President, India Yamaha Motor, said, “As the leading two-wheeler manufacturers, Yamaha understands its role in the industrial evolution and its responsibility in reducing the carbon footprints. The solar power project in our plants will definitely take forward Yamaha’s commitment towards enhancing their presence in the sphere of energy efficient companies while focussing on creating solutions around Sustainable Development.”